I’m writing to you as a human being who did not choose the place of his birthplace.

This isn’t like expecting the victory of a sports team that we are a fan of, but an invitation to the seeking of reality.

The life in the world is so short. It will pass in the blink of an eye but our existence is eternal.

I’m concerned about your eternal life that will begin immediately after your exam is over.

We’re all like the cells of a single body. We are the individuals of a great family. As I desire your well-being, I invite you to read and explore.

We can’t attach, like fans, to the values which we found our fathers believe in, but we must research and read, and take efforts to explore the reality.

We can’t support a religion like supporting a sports team.

We can’t ignore questioning our religious belief by seeing it as a part of the culture of our nation.

It is difficult to explain and it is difficult to believe but we can never leave aside reading and exploring.

We have carried out our duty by offering you the path to humanity’s salvation.